Saturday, February 19, 2005

About This SIte

Finally getting around to administrative stuff, an entry about this site is due. I have been using the Mac to timeshift over FireWire since January 2004. At that time, Comcast started providing the Motorola 6200. However, there was no way to schedule a recording on the Mac. I stumbled into the idea of using iCal and AppleScript to schedule recordings. The Mac has been in my living room since then.

The purpose of this site is to present tips and news about the integration of the Mac in the living room for home theater. There are links in the sidebar to relevant vendors and resources. I hope you will choose to bookmark this site.

In the "why not" department, I have included Google generated ads that relate to HDTV. Please click on those links. We might get a nickel or two; but importantly, it does not come from your pocket. On the other hand, there are Amazon links to certain neat things to have. If you want to buy what is featured here, please click on the related Amazon link here. We might get a dollar or two from your transaction. I hope you will consider to support this site.


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