Saturday, February 26, 2005

Apple Will Not Buy TiVo

This deal was recently rumored. Such an acquisition does not make sense. Apple has the R&D to make its own hardware and software to market a Mac-based PVR. If Apple releases the rumored HD hub, it would facilitate a Mac-based PVR. Such a hub would have to be HDCP and 5C compliant and ensure plug and play connection to a consumer HDTV display. The HD hub would also be a step toward the rumored iMovie Video Store.


At 6:20 PM, Blogger hmurchison said...

Cost is really what it boils down to. Apple can either buy Tivo's assets or "roll their own". I don't know what is the overall cheaper option but the time is now as far as getting into this pending video revolution.

I'd like to see Apple create an STB that plays my iTunes files, iPhoto pictures and Garageband/iMovie files as well.

It could have built in stores as well. Apple and Amazon have show an affinity for each other. I could see Apple offering a link to Amazon CD/DVD sales for those that want the hardcopy.

It might be likely that we'll see a Cell powered STB from Apple in a couple of years. I like the future.


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