Friday, March 04, 2005

EyeConnect Public Beta Is Available

The EyeConnect program allows the streaming of files from your Mac to your UPnP media player to be viewed on your display. If you have such a player, then give the beta a try.

Device Compatibility

EyeConnect has been tested intensively with the following UPnP AV devices: The D-Link DSM-320 MediaLounge, the Philips Streamium SL400i, and the Philips Streamium MX6000i. Since any UPnP AV compatible devices will be recognized by EyeConnect, field reports from users with other devices are especially welcome.

Known issues

EyeTV MPEG-4 recordings do not play back on either the Philips Streamium or the D-Link devices.

The public beta will expire on May 19, 2005. Elgato requests feedback.


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